Drone Photography and Videography Services on Long Island

Shutter Speak Photography can provide aerial photography and videography services along with the latest 3D modelling techniques for your project, event, construction site, or historical landmark.

Shutter Speak Photography uses FAA Part 107 certified drone pilots only.

An aerial photograph can provide a unique prescriptive for real estate agents, weddings, or site inspections.

Imagine as a real estate agent selling a home on the water, traditional photographs can not illustrate the entire property. An aerial photograph can provide your buyers with a full overview of the property from the water.

Imagine at your wedding having an overhead view as you exit the church with guests surrounding you. Even from as little as 20 feet high a drone can provide a point of view that a regular photograph can not.

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A 3D model of a Cathedral
The 3D model allows you to rotate and zoom in on the areas you need to inspect on your project.