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When my good friends from Fleetwood Macked, one of the top Fleetwood Mac tribute bands in the world, asked me to photograph their performance at The Paramount I couldn’t have been happier. The performance was one of the best I have ever seen. Once Fleetwood Macked hit the stage I can’t tell you how many times I heard people in the audience saying “Wow… these guys are really good!” And it’s true!

The headlining act was Voyage, a Journey tribute band. These guys are amazing too. The singer from Voyage looks and sounds so much like Steve Perry you’d think it was the original line up straight from the 80’s.

I tried a photographic technique during the Fleetwood Macked performance that I have never tried during a concert before.  I wanted you to be able to see how amazing The Paramount looked while these guys played. I thought the only way I could accomplish this was with an HDR photo.

If you don’t know what an HDR photo is, the short explanation is that it is a series of under and overexposed photos that are later combined using software. This is done to be able to capture all the bright and dark areas in a scene that the camera would otherwise be unable to see.

Having never shot an HDR during a live performance I wasn’t sure if this would work. This is a seven shot HDR mixed in Photomatix and then bits and pieces of about 5 of those photos were masked in using Photoshop.

I hope this gives you a good feel for what it was like to be there last night.

Click on the photo to see it larger.

Fleetwood Macked live at The Paramount. Click to see bigger.

Fleetwood Macked live at The Paramount. Click to see bigger.

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