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When People Ask Me...

Why do you enjoy photographing weddings? I tell them, “Getting to know people on an intimate level and creating meaningful art work for them that will be cherished by their family for generations is a heartwarming experience.”

It is being able to capture the sincerity and the beauty of these little moments that are unique only to your relationship.

To me this is so much more than being the person photographing your wedding. It is about authentically documenting your journey and creating art. Not just any art, the kind that you want to hang on your wall and proudly show your children and grandchildren.

What To Expect

It is very difficult to pick a photographer these days. It is an investment and it seems everyone and their brother is a photographer (Is your brother? I’m hiring ;-). Anyone who owns a cell phone can advertise as one (yes, cell phone photographers are a thing).

I am a professional photographer. It is my full time job. Before photographing beautiful couples on the beaches of Sarasota I was a press photographer in New York. I photographed major celebrities, concerts, and sports. In other words, I have a lot of experience (and I do not use a cell phone as my camera!).

So why choose me? Weddings are amazing, fun, chaotic days and I will be there to guide you every step of the way. I will keep you on schedule, help you pose, and get to know you. You can use me as a resource before, during, and after your wedding. I will be your advocate, making sure we capture incredible images.

Every family is unique, quirky and has their own dynamics. Trust me, I get it! I will make sure that everyone is comfortable and every memory captured. I will be there every step of the way making sure your day flows smoothly.

I promise to listen to your requests, and I am always up for a challenge. Want to photograph in the water, lets do it. Down a dark sketchy alley, I’m there. In a cave with a bear, I’ll make it work. This is what I do!

It is also important to note that in these uncertain times, I am vaccinated for COVID-19 so you can hire me worry free. I am also insured and can work at any venue.

The bottom line, I am here for YOU!