World War II Project for L.I. Press

Frank DeCicco

This May is the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Germany in World War II. I was tasked with interviewing and photographing World War II veterans who live here on Long Island, N.Y. In all I interviewed thirteen veterans before the corona virus pandemic forced us into isolation.

Hopefully, when the isolation period is over, I will be fortunate enough to met and photograph more of our remaining WWII vets. Listening to their stories has been an amazing experience for me. The sacrifices these veterans made are beyond imagination.

Prior to the start of this project we did a test run with a Korean war veteran. This was to test out the lighting background and set up.

Thank you to Frank DeCicco, Sr. for posing for us and sharing his stories while at sea on-board the U.S.S. Knapp during the Korean war. I am grateful for his service and his time.

Joseph Nuzzo
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