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Add Multiple Objects with Luminar AI Augmented Sky

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AI Augmented Sky is one of the most fun new tools in Luminar 4.2. AI Augmented Sky allows you to easily add an object into the sky with little or no masking knowledge and without having to use Photoshop. It is easy to add a single object but if you want to add more than one object there are a few more steps. I also show you how to fix any issues that crop up in the sky as a result of the AI placing the object into the sky.

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2 thoughts on “Add Multiple Objects with Luminar AI Augmented Sky”

    1. I can see why you are confused – in Luminar 4 there is a feature called AI Augmented sky. This video was made before the announcement of Luminar AI. In the video we are adding multiple objects with AI Augmented sky in Luminar 4.

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