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Firehouse Technology Drone Strobe vs. Inexpensive Strobes

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Here in the USA the FAA allows commercial drone pilots (Part 107) to fly their drones 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset and recreational pilots to fly anytime. This allows photographers to get some great shots of sunrise and sunset. To fly in this 30 minute period before sunrise or after sunset or at night, however, the FAA requires that you attach a strobe light to your drone that makes it visible for at least three statue miles.

There are a lot of products online that claim to meet the FAA requirements at too good to be true prices. Some companies have taken simple bicycle lights and renamed them Drone Strobes. In this video, I show you why you need to be careful when choosing a strobe for your aircraft. Strobes with multiple color LEDs should be examined very closely to see if they really live up to the claims they are making online.

I also show you the best strobe that I have found to date. I hope this video helps you make an informed purchase decision when selecting a strobe for your drone.

Firehouse Technology Lights:

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