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Nighttime at the Portland Head Light

I had recently traveled back up to Maine in search of dark sky’s. It is always a great trip. I have great friends there, the food is always amazing, and the night sky is nothing short of spectacular. I had the opportunity to get a few shots of the Portland Head Light at night. The Head Light is the most photographed light house in the world.

My goal was to get the Head Light with the Milky Way galaxy behind it, a shot rarely seen. Unfortunately, mother nature did not co-operate and we were left with a very overcast sky. It was also so cold out that night with a biting wind that we had to take frequent “warm up” breaks to regain feeling in our fingers and toes.

I did manage to get a few keepers though. Here is one of them…

The Portland Head Light at night. Click to enlarge.

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Heart of Haven

After watching the season finale of “Haven” last night on the SyFy channel  I was inspired to take a new look at this image I created while in Nova Scotia a few years back. This innocent looking lighthouse will forever be known to me now as “The Heart of Haven”. The actual name of the lighthouse in this image is the Maugher Beach Lighthouse and it is located just outside of the city of Halifax. If your a fan of Haven you now know that this lighthouse actually contains a doorway to another dimension and not a very nice one at that. Any Stephen King’s The Dark Tower  fans out there? If only I had known while I was there, but I would would have needed four people from another world to open it and I only had three… Click on the image to enlarge it. #haven #heartofhaven

Heart of Haven

Heart of Haven

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