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Luminar AI

Portrait Bokeh AI

  • 1 min read

In this video I will go over all that is new in Luminar AI – Update 4 by Skylum. I’ll go over how to use Portrait Boekh AI and show you a few tricks. I will also go over the new Precise Horizon Control in Sky AI, and the new features in the textures panel. If you have Luminar AI… Continue readingPortrait Bokeh AI

How to use Color Style LUTs in Luminar 4 (and why you should)

  • 1 min read

Color Style LUTs or Look Up Tables are series of color combinations that you can apply to your images to give them various looks and feels. LUTs are applied to every Hollywood movie that you see and the LUT is what gives a movie a consistent feel to the tones and colors throughout the film. In Luminar and Photoshop LUTs… Continue readingHow to use Color Style LUTs in Luminar 4 (and why you should)

Luminar 4.2 Review – Sky Replacement

  • 1 min read

A review of some of the features of the new 4.2 version of Luminar by Skylum. Features include AI Augmented Ski, AI Sky Replacement, AI Skin Enhancer, and AI Portrait Enhancer. DOWNLOAD LINK — Download a free trial of Luminar at