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Photographing Hockey with the Nikon D750

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I recently was sent a demo Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR Camera camera to test. I wanted to see what it would be like to shoot an NHL game using the D750.

The D750 is an all around great camera boasting fast shooting speeds and exceptional low light capabilities. This makes it especially well situated to be a great concert and sports shooter. So how does it perform?

First off let me say this camera body is compact and light. It is a welcome relief from the weight of a D4S or similar. It is also a very quiet camera. The shutter “clicks” are noticeably softer than my other Nikon bodies. I was shooting the New York Islanders on Veterans Day. In town was the visiting Colorado Avalanche. I set this camera up as I would any other. Manual mode, iso 3200, shutter set to 1/1000 at f4 and then later at f 5.6.

Focus mode on the camera was fast and reliable. I was impressed with how fast the camera was to focus. I was also happy with the frame rate. While not as fast as a high end D4S, remember, this camera is only about 1/3 of the price! I did notice that while shooting in RAW mode the buffer would fill up from time to time. This was a bit of a disappointment. However, the pay off was in the outstanding image quality and color depth. Please note all photos were cropped a bit here and there and all have minor adjustments from Adobe Lightroom as any typical media photographs would have applied to them. Check out  the gallery below.

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Click on the photographs to see them bigger.

Isles-D750-Smaples-13 Isles-D750-Smaples-12 Isles-D750-Smaples-11 Isles-D750-Smaples-10 Isles-D750-Smaples-9 Isles-D750-Smaples-8 Isles-D750-Smaples-7 Isles-D750-Smaples-6 Isles-D750-Smaples-5 Isles-D750-Smaples-4 Isles-D750-Smaples-3 Isles-D750-Smaples-2 Isles-D750-Smaples-1 Isles-D750-Smaples-20 Isles-D750-Smaples-19 Isles-D750-Smaples-18 Isles-D750-Smaples-17 Isles-D750-Smaples-16 Isles-D750-Smaples-15 Isles-D750-Smaples-14



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