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See You Saturday

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Hello to all who have signed up for the World Wide Photo Walk in Port Jefferson tomorrow October 5th. Here are a few details that should help you on walk day. The walk will begin promptly at 5 PM. We have a lot to shoot so please arrive no later than 4:45 PM . I will be there by 4:30 PM so feel free to be early. Just a few minutes before 5 PM we will take our group photo and then head out to start shooting.

Where to meet

We will be meeting at Veterans Park on W. Broadway in Port Jefferson Village. It is not much of a park really, just a monument or two and a flag. Here is what it looks like from the street.

Veterans Park

Veterans Park

The easiest way to find it is to look for the Port Jefferson Village Chamber of Commerce. The park is just east of the chamber which is located at 118 W Broadway in Port Jefferson.

Here it is on a map.


Google Map

We will be meeting for dinner after the walk at The Village Way which is just south of W Broadway on Main St (the yellow rd on the map). Dinner is optional and it is separate checks so you can order as much or as little as you like. It is one of the best parts of the walk and the time when you really get to know one another. If you haven’t already, please let me know today if you want to attend.


There is public parking behind the village between Barnum Ave and Main St. This is close to where our walk will start. The cost to park is .25¢ per half hour. Plan on attending for at least 2 1/2 hours. Longer if you are staying for dinner (I’m thinking 4 hours to play it safe). You have to pay at a parking meter station in the lot you are parked in. You can pay by coin (no pennies) or credit card for parking. On street parking in the village is limited to 1/2 hour. Don’t park there or you may get a ticket from the man 😉 Most of the parking by the pier is for Town of Brookhaven residents with a permit. You can pay to park in these lots if you like. The rate is $20 per day.

A few good things to do this evening to get ready…

  • Check all the settings on your camera and make sure you are ready for tomorrow
  • Charge all your camera batteries
  • Clear out your flash cards
  • Plan to arrive early
  • Plan where you will park
  • Pack quarters to feed the parking meters
  • Plan to take great pictures and have fun!


Our walk was featured in Newsday today and in case you missed it I have attached the clip here for you. Welcome to the final walkers that were able to grab those last spots. Once again, if anyone can’t make it please let me know so I can open up the spot to someone on the stand by list.



I can’t wait to meet you all. See you Saturday 🙂


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