Jane’s Carousel

  • 1 min read

Jane’s Carousel is situated right along side the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Carousel was built in 1922 and features 48 hand carved horses and two chariots.  The original home of this beautiful piece of American history was not Brooklyn but actually Youngstown, Ohio. Purchased in 1984 by David and Jane Walentas, Jane Walentas spent years in her… Continue readingJane’s Carousel

Radio City Music Hall

  • 1 min read

Wandering our way through mid-town to Rockefeller Center we had to stop to take a photo of the iconic Radio City Music Hall. Radio City was built by John D. Rockefeller and opened to the public in December of 1932. Over the years it has been used to show movies, live acts, television broadcasts, plays and is home of the… Continue readingRadio City Music Hall

New York City Skyline

  • 1 min read

Here is a shot of the lower Manhattan section of New York City as seen from Brooklyn Bridge Park in, you guessed it, Brooklyn. Brooklyn Bridge Park offers one of the best views of Manhattan anywhere in the city. To the right you can see the Brooklyn Bridge. If you were standing there with me that night, further down you… Continue readingNew York City Skyline

The Empty Skies Memorial

  • 1 min read

The cold weather has it’s benefits. One of them is plenty of time to go through unprocessed photos. To borrow a phrase from Forest Gump “you never know what you’re gonna get”. So as I went through pictures that I had taken around the New York City area this batch jumped out at me. This is the Empty Skies Memorial… Continue readingThe Empty Skies Memorial

Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • 1 min read

When I noticed we had a bit of warm weather the other day (short lived) I took a trip out to Brooklyn with camera in hand.

The night was perfect. The temperature was a pleasant 58 degrees and photographers were out everywhere you looked. Everyone seemed to be in a super friendly mood.

I went with a friend and we stopped and talked with other photographers and took pictures for tourists. The tourists seemed to trust us because we had our cameras on impressive looking tripods… fools!

We shot until after midnight and even as we were leaving there were still plenty of photographers out around Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Photographing an NHL game

  • 1 min read

Ever wonder what it is like to photograph an NHL game as part of the media. I mounted a Go Pro camera to the top of my Nikon D3S as I shot a pre-season game at the start of this season. Not just any game, the first NHL game ever to be played at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NY.… Continue readingPhotographing an NHL game

Warmer Days Ahead

  • 2 min read

As the cold weather continues its grip on the north east I found myself processing pictures from last summer. Wishful thinking about warmer days ahead? Perhaps. This is a shot from the beautiful coastline of Portland Maine. Off in the distance you can just see the Portland headlight. The most photographed light house in the world. I took this picture… Continue readingWarmer Days Ahead

Post-Processing Hockey Photos

  • 5 min read


Here is the before image.

When taking photos of ice hockey games there are three main ingredients in the recipe for success.  The pregame prep, the photographing of the game, and the post-processing of your photos. Post-processing is one of the most important aspects of sports photography but it is often over looked by beginners.

If you are shooting on a deadline it makes sense to shoot in jpeg mode for faster downloading and then uploading out to your media service. However, if you are a beginner, I highly recommend shooting ice hockey in raw mode. Raw gives you a greater ability to adjust your white balance and bring out shadow detail in case you didn’t get it just right in camera.

I thought it would be fun and educational to take an image and examine it both before and after post-processing. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s use some pictures. It will cut down on how much you have to read and how much I have to type!

Continue readingPost-Processing Hockey Photos

Heart of Haven

  • 1 min read

After watching the season finale of “Haven” last night on the SyFy channel  I was inspired to take a new look at this image I created while in Nova Scotia a few years back. This innocent looking lighthouse will forever be known to me now as “The Heart of Haven”. The actual name of the lighthouse in this image is… Continue readingHeart of Haven